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It is Time for Your Home’s Air Conditioning Maintenance

it is important to have air conditioning maintenance

As the weather reminds us that warmer temperatures aren’t too far away, it is time to have your home’s HVAC system serviced. Every spring, it is important to have air conditioning maintenance performed so that your system is ready to give you a summer’s worth of reliable comfort and humidity control. You want peace of mind that it will turn on when you need it and cool your home to a comfortable level.

Another reason why now is the best time for air conditioning maintenance is that the system will operate more efficiently once it has been serviced. If you take care of it now, your first utility bill after turning it on won’t be as much of a shock. During maintenance, any adjustments and lubrication needs are taken care of, as well as any issues that could keep the system from operating smoothly, which translates to a more efficient system and lower energy costs.

You might wonder why you couldn’t just wait until May or even June to schedule air conditioning maintenance, especially if you don’t usually turn on the system until it gets really hot out. The benefit of taking care of it now rather than waiting is that everyone else is calling in then, so you will be better able to get the appointment you want if you beat the crowd.

If you are in the Rural Hall, North Carolina area and you are ready to schedule air conditioning maintenance, give us a call at Cook’s Heating & Cooling. We’ve proudly served this area since 1985. It is safe to say that we know a thing or two about residential and commercial HVAC, so call today for service at your home or business.

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