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Is Heat Pump Installation Right for You?

Is Heat Pump Installation Right for You?

Choosing the right heating source for your home or office is a decision that should be made carefully. When you come to us at Cook’s Heating & Cooling, we can help you make a decision that is best for you. You might be considering a heat pump installation. Here are a few reasons a heat pump might be right for you:

  • You’re worried about gas leaks or carbon monoxide – Because heat pumps run on electricity, you have no risk of a toxic gas leak or carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • You want a quieter heating system – An energy-efficient heat pump operates at 40 decibels compared to 60 decibels for a standard air conditioner.
  • You want an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient heating solution – A good heat pump installation will likely result in using less electricity than other types of systems. Heat pumps also do not rely on fossil fuels, which leads to fewer greenhouse gasses being released.
  • You want less equipment – A heat pump can provide both warm and cool air, so you can potentially save money in installation costs.

We know you will be completely satisfied with the installation services and quality product you receive when you come to us for a heat pump installation. Call us today to learn more about heat pump installation.

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