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Here’s What to Expect During A Furnace Maintenance Service

Here’s What to Expect During A Furnace Maintenance Service

Preventative furnace maintenance is an essential aspect of keeping your home warm and cozy this winter. While it’s generally best to schedule furnace maintenance before you start running it regularly, having a technician come by later in the season is better than skipping it altogether.

Here’s a general outline of what we do during furnace maintenance to help you understand why it’s such an important service to schedule.

  • Inspection – Our technician will assess your furnace to identify any existing or potential issues.
  • Cleaning – Getting rid of dirt and grime helps your furnace run smoothly, preventing breakdowns, reducing wear and tear, and improving efficiency.
  • Lubrication – Any moving parts will be lubricated to help reduce friction as the unit runs.
  • Filter Replacement – A clean filter helps ensure that the air coming through the system is free of contaminants, which improves your indoor air quality.
  • Safety Checks – During furnace maintenance, we’ll also make sure components like the carbon monoxide detector are functioning properly.
  • Repairs/Recommendations – If we find anything amiss with your furnace, we’ll consult with you about what we find and how we suggest you address the issue. We can often handle small repairs on the same day, but we’re also happy to schedule an additional appointment for us to take care of more extensive repairs.

If you haven’t already scheduled your yearly furnace maintenance service, don’t wait any longer to do so. Reach out today to speak with our team about getting a technician out to your property as soon as possible.

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